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Landmark Funeral Home – Cremation or Rental Caskets

When cremation is selected by the family, a ceremony, funeral service or even visitation may still be conducted for their loved one. 

For this reason, a casket may be requested for the visitation, which is why we offer casket rentals at Landmark Funeral Home.

Why a Casket?

Cremation doesn’t always have to be a public decision. It can be kept private for the family members, but can still have a closed-casket visitation for other family members or friends. Although the casket will sometimes be empty and just act as a shell, the ceremony can still be kept more traditional.

For Open Casket Viewing

If the family chooses cremation but still wants a public viewing ceremony, a rental casket is also applicable, as the body is normally placed in an inner shell or container before it is cremated. 

Landmark’s Promise

We offer a wide range of services and accommodations to ensure that the passing of your loved one is as painless and easy as possible. We understand the difficulty of a family death and we strive to give you the best service we possibly can to make you feel comfortable and at home. 

Landmark Funeral Home offers a Celebration of Life ceremony with Valerie Panciera-Rieth coordinating and officiating the memorialization of your loved one.

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