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A memorial service is a ceremony to honor the memory of a deceased loved one.   Memorial services can be held a week, month or year or more from the death.  

Memorial services can be held at the funeral home, or at a location of the family’s choosing, commonly a very significant location such as a park, beach, or home. 

Memorial services are similar to the traditional ceremonies, in the sense that there can be a traditional type of setting with group prayers, or simply a gathering to honor the deceased loved one. There is no formal structure to memorial services.

Landmark’s Promise

We offer a wide range of services and accommodations to ensure that the passing of your loved one is as painless and easy as possible. We understand the difficulty of the passing of a loved one and we strive to give you the personalized service that family deserve.

Landmark Funeral Home offers a Celebration of Life ceremony with Valerie Panciera-Rieth facilitating the service for your loved one.

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